About puja sewa

According to the Sastras, right from childhood to death, a Hindu is supposed to perform many pujas. These pujas are meant to help you gain material and spiritual goals. While you can buy and order everything online just at the click of a button but not professional services and quality items for conducting pujas. PujaSewa combines the Bhramin and Jyotish services along with home delivery of puja items needed for all Hindu religious rites.

We at PujaSewa believe that this kind of new priest and astrology service will fill a gap that has been felt by the Hindus in all parts of the country. Currently, we provide service in and around Kathmandu Valley only. However, we are planning to expand our services all over Nepal.

PujaSewa is the place for ordering the service of the Bhramin and Jyotish, which we offer at a reasonable price. Keeping in mind, the hassle one has to go through while shopping for puja items, we offer all kinds of puja samagri packages which are delivered at your doorstep. You have to pay us only after the delivery of the package. If you want a puja to be conducted at famous temples like Pashupati, Dakshinkali, Maitidevi, etc., our priest will conduct the puja at the desired temple on an auspicious day and time.

At PujaSewa.com, we highly prioritize client satisfaction. Our Priest Services, Astrology Services, and Puja Samagri Home Delivery Services have been tailored to satisfy all of your religious needs and are offered at reasonable prices. Remember us for planning and conducting any Hindu religious rite (puja). We are just a call or email away.