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What is Malmash or Malamas : 2075 BS , 2018 AD

Malamas is known as the misery in the scriptures. In Hindu religion, Malamas is considered to be a very bad month. In Malmas, any kind of auspicious work is not done.
Malmas is prohibited from doing any other good work, including house entry, marriage. Starting small auspicious work in this month is considered inauspicious.

What is Malamas

According to astrology, the sun changes every 30 days i.e. a month later. The sun turns 12 months into twelve zodiac signs. Thus when the Sun goes in the Sagittarius and Pisces while walking through the zodiac signs, then that month is called Malmaas.

This time Malamas Chaitra is starting with Krishna Dvashashi, which will remain for another month. At Chaitra Krishna Dvashashi i.e., on March 14, 2018 (Wednesday), the Sun enters the Pisces at 11.45.

In this situation, the sun will remain on the morning of April 14 for 8 to 12 minutes. It is inauspicious to perform any kind of auspicious work in the period of this one Naham of Malamas.

Importance of Malamas

It is believed that under the astrology, it is considered necessary to be pure to the master in all the good works. For marriage, it is necessary to get the strength of the sun’s force and bride’s Jupiter. Auspicious muhurat leaves only when both of them are added to the Moon forces.

Sun and guru

When the Sun is very fast and energy, and when it moves towards the point of Jupiter, then the speed of Jupiter falls short. Not only this, it also affects itself on the Sun. If there is no force in these two planets, then this time it is not considered right for auspicious tasks like marriage.



  • Does malamas have any scientific explanation as well?


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